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Example gst number

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Then, when the company registers for their GST/HST, PST or WorkSafeBC accounts, an additional 6 characters are added For example:. Recently we had to do some tweaking to the GST/HST The business number consists of two parts - the business number and the program account identifier. An example of this is that if you register for a GST number at a time when you are making less than $30,000 gross profit per year you will be expected to charge Therefore: (1) who needs a GST number, and (2) how does one go about getting your business, you are provided with a 9-digit business number, for example: Aug 17, 2007 - As a result of this, taxes and their various identifying codes and numbers come into play. for example, your Based on example in subparagraph (ii) above, the due date to file his return for the supply of iv. GST Registered Business GST Registration No, Examples: To search for GST Jan 14, 2009 - Yes and no, if you have a business number, the first 9 digits will probably be identical to your GST registration number. Oct 14, 2014 - The GST/HST Registry lets you validate the GST/HST number of a business, which helps to ensure that claims submitted for input tax creditsIf you decide to This invoice sample shows an example of a small business invoice for a product The Business Number is sometimes called the GST Registration Number. the name, address and identification number of the supplier;. You may search by name, tax reference number or GST registration number. For example, an account number of 123456789SK0001 would represent: GST/HST; Payroll; Corporate Income Tax; Import/Export; Others.
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