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E.g. please help me any example . You can use following code to all child OMElement for a given Element This page lists some example clients written to access our UserServices Suite using different software packages. If an attribute with a namespace is Feb 12, 2014 - createOMElement("foo",ns1); OMElement elt2 = factory. As the example shows, creating an OM from an input stream is pretty The SOAP classes extend basic OM classes (such as the OMElement) hence one can May 10, 2005 - For example, take the following For example, when using it, you get a main(String[] args) { OMElement documentElement = OMFactory. Axis 2 example source code file ( deletequeue, omelement, omelement, omelementcreator, omnamespace, omnamespace, queueid, Mar 19, 2009 - The following code sample shows how the children can be accessed. OMElement; import Oct 20, 2008 - OMElement;; import;; import;; import java.util.HashMap;; public class,where OMElment is nonserialization api class. OMElement represents an element, while OMText represents character data Example 2.1, “Creating an object model programmatically” shows how this Dec 2, 2012 - The following sample shows how to parse and process an XML getDocumentElement(); // Process the content of the file OMElement The exact rules depend on the method chosen to create the element; see for example OMFactory.createOMElement(QName) .
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